In my bag design I work mostly with tarpaulin, a water resistant, plastic coated fabric. Made in Germany. Sturdy and sustainable in use because of the long lasting quality. On top of that the colors are very appealing and stay bright. As a cyclist I don’t want to worry about the things I carry in my bag, will get wet. After many years of experience I can say everything stays nice and dry, also after a heavy rain. Once in a while I make bags with other materials like canvas tent fabric, oilskin, wool felt and occasionally leather.

The bags wouldn’t be my Olivia Bertus bags if I didn’t combine them with my own fabric designs. At first only as lining fabrics on the inside of the bags. The hidden beauty only to be seen by the bag owner. Like a small gift to yourself. Recently I designed and made a serie of bags with the patterns on the outside. These more extravert bags are symbolic for my path from introvert to show them who you are!

Look for the bags in stock in the webshop. You are also very welcome to visit my studio in Maastricht to see, feel and fit the bags. Or to order your own customized model.

tasje rosa olijfgroen
tasje ida rood
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