colorful bags

Handmade tarpaulin bags combined with a (lining)fabric based on a hand drawn pattern. Piece by piece created with the greatest care and a lot of love. Made in Maastricht.


Patterns drawn by hand. Inspired by nature, architecture (iconic buildings in Maastricht) and geometrical shapes. Applied on fabric, wallpaper, posters & postcards.

unique combinations

25 tarpaulin colors and at least as many lining fabrics. Endless variations are possible. Start customizing your own bag and let me make you your own one of a kind piece.


Wallpaper has a great impact on a room. Even a small piece. It gives a space a unique character. It is easy to apply. The glue can be applied on the wall. Printed on demand.

Welcome to my colorful world. A world full of creations which make life just a little bit more beautiful. An eclectic mix of colors, materials and playfully drawn patterns. All products are handmade with much love and the greatest care in my studio in Maastricht.
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tas samenstellen

customize your bag

Do you like to customize a bag? You can do that here. Choose a model, the color of the tarpaulin, the lining fabric and shoulder strap. Within 3 weeks your own unique bag will be ready. It is also possible to visit the studio in Maastricht to see the colors and materials in real life.

behang craspedia zand

floral wallpaper

Flowers and nature are an endless source of inspiration. The wild flowers next to the road into the woods. The hogweeds, cow parsley, cornflowers and poppies. The blooming magnolias in the backyard or artichokes in Bretagne. But also the dried plants. Bring nature inside with a floral wallpaper.